EU legt Libië extra sancties op na de goedkeuring van resolutie 1973 van de VN-veiligheidsraad (en)

The Council of the European Union adopted legislation on 23 March 2011 to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1973 which broadened the scope of the restrictive measures against Libya imposed by UNSCR 1970 and introduced further measures.

The new Council Decision amends Decision 2011/137/CFSP in order to prevent all flights in the air-space of Libya and strengthen the enforcement of the arms embargo. It also bans Libyan aircraft from EU Member States' airspace as well as any aircraft it has reason to believe is carrying prohibited items, including armed mercenary personnel.

The visa ban and the assets freeze imposed under Decision 2011/137/CFSP are extended to include the additional persons listed in UNSCR 1973 deemed to be involved in or complicit in serious human rights abuses that violate international law, including those resulting from aerial bombardments or other attacks on civilian populations and facilities.

The assets freeze is extended to the new entities on the UN list under UNSCR 1973, including the National Oil Corporation and also to five subsidiaries of the NOC designated autonomously by the EU.

The Council also adopted a regulation implementing Regulation 204/2011 to take account of new UN and EU autonomous designations for the assets freeze.

The legislation, i.e.

was adopted by written procedure and appear in the Official Journal of the European Union of Thursday, 24 March 2011.

The restrictive measures are kept under constant review.