(Ryszard) Czarnecki

Ryszard Czarnecki is a member of the European Parliament since 20 July 2004 for "Prawo i Sprawiedliwość", which is aligned with the European Conservatives and Reformists. Czarnecki is elected on behalf of Poland.

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Personal data


Place and date of birth
Londyn (GB), 25 January 1963



National political party
Prawo i Sprawiedliwość

European Parliamentary Group
Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists


Main functions and occupations

Main functions and occupations
  • Archivist, Archiwum Akt Nowych, Warsaw, 1986
  • Solidarność Archives, 1987
  • Journalist with The Polish Daily (London), from 1988 until 1990
  • Editorial secretary, Głos, from 1990 until 1991
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Wiadomości Dnia, 1991
  • Editor-in-Chief, Dziennik Dolnośląski, 1991
  • Acting director, Norpol-Press, 1991
  • Chief Editor, Polsat TV, from 1993 until 1997
  • Lecturer, from 2001 until 2004
  • Chairman of the Christian-National Union (ZCHN), from 1994 until 1996
  • Member of the Law and Justice party's National Council, from 2008
  • Adviser to the Mayor of Włocławek, from 2001 until 2002
  • Member of the Sejm (first parliamentary term), from 1989 until 1993
  • Vice-Chairman of the Sejm Committee on Culture and Media
  • Chairman of the Sejm Subcommittee on Copyright
  • Chairman of the Polish-Italian Parliamentary Group, from 1991 until 1993
  • Member of the Sejm (third parliamentary term), from 1997 until 2001
  • Chairman of the Sejm Committee for Liaison with Poles Abroad, from 1999 until 2001
  • Vice-Chairman of the Committee on European Law, from 2000 until 2001
  • Sejm representative to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Western European Union, from 1991 until 2001
  • Deputy Minister of Culture, 1993
  • Minister for European Affairs, from 1997 until 1999
  • Member of the Bureau of the Union for Europe of the Nations (UEN) Group in the European Parliament, from 2007 until 2009
  • Official European Parliament representative to the Council of Europe's European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity (North-South Centre), from 2008 until 2010
  • member European Parliament, from 20 July 2004



Academic education
  • Master's in history, 1986




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