Twaalf commissies benoemen hun voorzitter (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Europees Parlement (EP), gepubliceerd op maandag 20 juli 2009, 20:05.

Twelve EP committees elected their chairs and vice-chairs on 16 July: Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Budgets, Economic and Monetary Affairs, Employment and Social Affairs, Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, Industry, Research and Energy, Internal Market and Consumer Protection, Legal Affairs, Civil Liberties, Women's Rights and Gender Equality, and Petitions. The remaining committees will follow suit on Monday 20 July.

Foreign Affairs

Chair:  Gabriele Albertini (EPP, Italy)


Fiorello Provera (EFD, Italy)

Ioan Mircea  Pascu  (S&D, Romania)

Dominique Baudis (EPP, France)

Jean-Luc Mélenchon (GUE/NGL,  France)

International Trade

Chair:  Vital Moreira (S&D, Portugal)


Cristiana Muscardini (EPP, Italy)

Robert Sturdy (ECR, UK )

Pawel Ksawery Zalewski (EPP, Poland)

Yannick Jadot (Greens/EFA, France)


Chair: Alain Lamassoure (EPP, France)


Jutta Haug (S&D, Germany)

Alexander Alvaro (ALDE, Germany)

Jean-Luc Dehaene (EPP,  Belgium)

Ivaylo Kalfin (S&D, Bulgaria)

Economic and Monetary Affairs

Chair: Sharon Bowles (ALDE, United Kingdom)


José Manuel Garcia-Margallo y Marfil (EPP, Spain)

Arlene McCarthy (S&D, United Kingdom)

Theodor Dumitru Stolojan (EPP, Romania)

Edward Scicluna (S&D, Malta)

Employment and Social Affairs

Chair:  Pervenche Beres (S&D, France)


Elisabeth Lynne (ALDE, United Kingdom)

Ilda Figuereido (GUE/NGL, Portugal)

Elisabeth Schroedter (Greens/EFA, Germany)

Thomas Mann (EPP,  Germany)

Environment, Public Health and Food Safety

Chair:  Jo Leinen  (S&D, Germany)


Corinne Lepage (ALDE, France)

Carl Schlyter (Greens/EFA,  Sweden)

Boguslaw Sonik (EPP, Poland)

Dan Jørgensen (S&D, Denmark)

Industry, Research and Energy

Chair: Herbert Reul (EPP, Germany)


Patrizia Toia (S&D, Italy)

Jens Rohde (ALDE, Denmark)

Anni Podimata (S&D, Greece)

Evzen Tosenovsky (ECR, Czech Republic)

Internal Market and Consumer Protection

Chair: Malcolm Harbour,  ECR, UK)


Eija-Ritta Korhola (EPP, Finland)

Bernadette Vergnaud (S&D, France)

Lara Comi (EPP, Italy)

Louis Grech (S&D, Malta)

Legal Affairs

Chair: Klaus-Heiner Lehne (EPP, Germany)


Luigi Berlinguer (S&D, Italy)

Raffaele Baldassarre (EPP, Italy)

Evelyn Regner (S&D, Austria)

Sebastian Valentin Bodu (EPP, Romania)

Civil Liberties

Chair: Fernando Lopez Aguilar (S&D, Spain)


Kinga Gál (EPP, Hungary)

Sophia in't Veld (ALDE,  Netherlands)

Salvatore Iacolino (EPP, Italy)

Kinga Göncz (S&D, Hungary)

Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

Chair: Eva-Britt Svensson (GUE/NGL, Sweden)


Lívia Járóka (EPP, Hungary)

Edite Estrela (S&D, Portugal)

Elisabeth Morin-Chartier (EPP, France)

Barbara Matera (EPP,  Italy)


Chair: Erminia Mazzoni (EPP, Italy)


Chrysoula Paliadeli (S&D, Greece)

Willy Meyer (GUE/NGL, Spain)

Carlos José Iturgáiz Angulo (EPP, Spain)

Ágnes Hankiss (EPP, Hungary)