Voorzitter Barroso over het resultaat van de verkiezingen van het Europees Parlement: "Uw stem wordt gehoord" (en)

Met dank overgenomen van Europese Commissie (EC), gepubliceerd op zondag 7 juni 2009.


Brussels, 7 June 2009

Statement of President Barroso on the outcome of the European Parliament elections

Throughout the European Union, millions of people have used their democratic vote to elect members of the European Parliament. In doing so, they have expressed their views on the European Union's political future.

I thank all citizens who have exercised their democratic rights. I can assure them that they are being heard.

Overall, the results are an undeniable victory for those parties and candidates that support the European project and want to see the European Union delivering policy responses to their everyday concerns. The political forces that constructively address policy challenges, and that have constructively engaged with the Commission during the past legislature, occupy the overwhelming majority of the seats in the next European Parliament.

From today onwards, Europe owes it to the voters to show once again that it can deliver. It must continue to pave the way through the economic and financial crisis. It must do all it can to support those most vulnerable in society, especially those facing unemployment. And Europe must grasp the opportunity to build a new social market economy that puts a smarter, greener growth at its core, so as to decisively address climate change.

The turnout compared to 2004 shows that this is not the time for complacency. National politicians, whose debates all too often remain largely national in their focus, must acknowledge themselves more consistently as both national and European actors.

The Commission will continue with its efforts to put the European Union at the centre of the political debate in all member states.

On behalf of the European Commission, I congratulate the successful candidates in these elections. The Commission and I look forward to working with them. The newly elected European Parliament will be a key actor in the shaping of policies in the years to come.