Definitieve lijst commissievoorzitters EP (en)

donderdag 1 februari 2007

Instellingen - 01-02-2007 - 16:12

The chairs and vice-chairs of the parliamentary committees have been elected at a series of special meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. These elections follow the approval by the plenary session of the membership of each committee. The chairs and vice-chairs are due to serve for second half of the present Parliament's term of office, that is until the next European elections in June 2009.

LIBE : Civil Liberties

Chair : Jean-Marie CAVADA (ALDE, FR)

1st vice-chair : Philip BRADBOURN (EPP-ED, UK)

2nd vice-chair : Stavros LAMBRINIDIS (PES, EL)

3rd vice-chair : Kinga GAL (EPP-ED, HU)

4th vice-chair : Giusto CATANIA (GUE/NGL, IT)

AFET - Foreign Affairs


1st vice-chair : Libor ROUCEK (PES, CZ)

2nd vice-chair : Michael GAHLER (EPP-ED, DE)

3rd vice-chair : Janusz ONYSZKIEWICZ (ALDE, PL)

4th vice-chair : Ioan Mircea PASCU (PES, RO)

DEVE - Development


1st vice-chair : Margrietus VAN DEN BERG (PES, NL)

2nd vice-chair : Romana JORDAN CIZELJ (EPP-ED, SI)

3rd vice-chair : Danute BUDREIKAITE (ALDE, LT)

4th vice-chair : Frithjof SCHMIDT (Greens/EFA, DE)

INTA : International Trade

Chair :Helmuth MARKOV (GUE/NGL, DE)

1st vice-chair : Albert Jan MAAT (EPP-ED, NL)

2nd vice-chair : Ignasi GUARDANS CAMBO (ALDE, ES)

3rd vice-chair : Godelieve QUISTHOUDT-ROWOHL (EPP-ED, DE)

4th vice-chair : Cristiana MUSCARDINI (UEN, IT)

BUDG : Budgets

Chair :Reimer BÖGE (EPP-ED, DE)

1st vice-chair : Kyösti VIRRANKOSKI (ALDE, FI)

2nd vice-chair : Ralf WALTER (PES, DE)

3rd vice-chair : Janusz LEWANDOWSKI (EPP-ED, PL)

4th vice-chair : Umberto PIRILLI (UEN, IT)

CONT : Budgetary Control

Chair : Herbert BÖSCH (PES, AT)

1st vice-chair : Nils LUNDGREN (IND/DEM, SE)

2nd vice-chair : Boguslaw LIBERADZKI (PES, PL)

3rd vice-chair : Petr DUCHON (EPP-ED, CZ)

4th vice-chair : Ovidiu Ioan SILAGHI (ALDE, RO)

ECON : Economic and Monetary Affairs

Chair :Pervenche BERES (PES, FR)

1st vice-chair : José Manuel GARCIA-MARGALLO Y MARFIL (EPP-ED, ES)

2nd vice-chair : Guntars KRASTS (UEN, LV)

3rd vice-chair : John PURVIS (EPP-ED, UK)

4th vice-chair : Joseph MUSCAT (PES, MT)

EMPL : Employment and Social Affairs


1st vice-chair : Ilda FIGUEIREDO (GUE/NGL, PT)

2nd vice-chair : Pier Antonio PANZERI (PES, IT)

3rd vice-chair : Thomas MANN (EPP-ED, DE)

4th vice-chair : Elizabeth LYNNE (ALDE, UK)

ENVI : Environment

Chair : Miroslav OUZKY (EPP-ED, CZ)

1st vice-chair : Johannes BLOKLAND (IND/DEM, NL)

2nd vice-chair : Satu HASSI (Greens/EFA, FI)

3rd vice-chair : Alexandru-Ioan MORTUN (ALDE, RO)

4th vice-chair : Dan JORGENSEN (PES, DK)

ITRE : Industry, Research and Energy

Chair : Angelika NIEBLER (EPP-ED, DE)

1st vice-chair : Miloslav RANSDORF (GUE/NGL, CZ)

2nd vice-chair : Silvia CIORNEI (ALDE, RO)

3rd vice-chair : Renato BRUNETTA (EPP-ED, IT)

4th vice-chair : Catherine TRAUTMANN (PES, FR)

IMCO : Internal Market and Consumer Protection

Chair : Arlene McCARTHY (PES, UK)

1st vice-chair : Zuzana ROITHOVA (EPP-ED, CZ)

2nd vice-chair : Alexander STUBB (EPP-ED, FI)

3rd vice-chair : Marco RIZZO (GUE/NGL, IT)

4th vice-chair : Alexander LAMBSDORFF (ALDE, DE)

TRAN : Transport and Tourism

Chair : Paolo COSTA (ALDE, IT)

1st vice-chair : Gabriele ALBERTINI (EPP-ED, IT)

2nd vice-chair : Gilles SAVARY (PES, FR)

3rd vice-chair : Silvia TICAU (PES, RO)

4th vice-chair : Luís QUEIRO (EPP-ED, PT)

REGI : Regional Development

Chair : Gerardo GALEOTE (EPP-ED, ES)

1st vice-chair : Evgeni KIRILOV (PES, BG)

2nd vice-chair : Jan OLBRYCHT (EPP-ED, PL)

3rd vice-chair : Filiz HUSMENOVA (ALDE, BG)

4th vice-chair : Rolf BEREND (EPP-ED, DE)

AGRI : Agriculture and Rural Development

Chair : Neil PARISH (EPP-ED, UK)

1st vice-chair : Jean-Claude FRUTEAU (PES, FR)

2nd vice-chair : Bernard Piotr WOJCIECHOWSKI (NI, PL)

3rd vice-chair : Friedrich-Wilhelm GRAEFE ZU BARINGDORF (Greens/EFA, DE)

4th vice-chair : Sergio BERLATO (UEN, IT)

PECH : Fisheries

Chair : Philippe MORILLON (ALDE, FR)

1st vice-chair :Rosa MIGUÉLEZ RAMOS (PES, ES)

2nd vice-chair : Avril DOYLE (EPP-ED, IE)

3rd vice-chair : Elspeth ATTWOOLL (ALDE, UK)

4th vice-chair :Pedro GUERREIRO (GUE/NGL, PT)

CULT : Culture and Education

Chair : Nikolaos SIFUNAKIS (PES, EL)

1st vice-chair : Pál SCHMITT (EPP-ED, HU)

2nd vice-chair : Helga TRÜPEL (Greens/EFA, DE)

3rd vice-chair : Manolis MAVROMMATIS (EPP-ED, EL)

4th vice-chair : Hannu TAKKULA (ALDE, FI)

JURI : Legal Affairs

Chair : Giuseppe GARGANI (EPP-ED, IT)

1st vice-chair : Cristian DUMITRESCU (PES, RO)

2nd vice-chair : Rainer WIELAND (EPP-ED, DE)

3rd vice-chair : Lidia Joanna GERINGER DE OEDENBERG (PES, PL)

4th vice-chair : Francesco Enrico SPERONI (UEN, IT)

AFCO : Constitutional Affairs

Chair : Jo LEINEN (PES, DE)

1st vice-chair : Johannes VOGGENHUBER (Greens/EFA, AT)

2nd vice-chair : Anneli JÄÄTTEENMÄKI (ALDE, FI)

3rd vice-chair : Philip DIMITROV (EPP-ED, BG)

4th vice-chair : Timothy KIRKHOPE (EPP-ED, UK)

FEMM : Women's Rights and Gender Equality

Chair : Anna ZABORSKA (EPP-ED, SK)

1st vice-chair : Edite ESTRELA (PES, PT)

2nd vice-chair : Eva-Britt SVENSSON (GUE/NGL, SE)

3rd vice-chair : Zita GURMAI (PES, HU)

4th vice-chair : Raül ROMEVA i RUEDA (Greens/EFA, ES)

PETI : Petitions

Chair : Marcin LIBICKI (UEN, PL)

1st vice-chair : Michael CASHMAN (PES, UK)

2nd vice-chair : Carlos José ITURGAIZ ANGULO (EPP-ED, ES)

3rd vice-chair : Kathy SINNOTT (IND/DEM, IE)

4th vice-chair : Maria MATSOUKA (PES, EL)

DROI : Human Rights

Chair : Hélène FLAUTRE (Greens/EFA, FR)

1st vice-chair : Richard HOWITT (PES, UK)

2nd vice-chair : Patrick GAUBERT (EPP-ED, FR)

3rd vice-chair : Sarah LUDFORD (ALDE, UK)

4th vice-chair : Józef PINIOR (PES, PL)

SEDE : Security and Defence

Chair : Karl VON WOGAU (EPP-ED, DE)

1st vice-chair : Ana Maria GOMES (PES, PT)

2nd vice-chair : Girts Valdis KRISTOVSKIS (UEN, LV)

3rd vice-chair :Roberta Alma ANASTASE (EPP-ED, RO)

4th vice-chair : Justas Vincas PALECKIS (PES, LT)


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